On Set Photos:

Should've Been Romeo
September 2010
Shea in his Young Mr. Dippy costume, preparing for a shot Shea getting some final touches before the shot Shea with director Marc Bennett Shea with Marc Bennett, Kelly Osbourne, and the 'Dippettes'
Arrowhead Film Festival
April 2009
Shea with Ben Bliss, the director of Jewsus Shea with Ben Bliss and Derek Horne Ben Bliss is too busy for Shea sometimes Shea and Ben clowning around
Pizza Hut
June 2008
Shea with the other delivery boys Kenny Vibert and Daniel Leary Shea with "chef" Adriano Aragon Shea and the guys with Matt Knudsen, the Maitre D With the director, Academy Award nominated Henry-Alex Rubin


December 2007
Shea with director Ben Bliss Shea in front of the magical inflatable manger decoration Shea with his "brother" Jeremy


CA Endowment PSA
July 2007
Cinevegas Promo Film
March 2007
Shea with director Ross Novie She with his "Dad", Charley Rossman


At the premiere for Her Best Move

September 2006

Premiere2-small Premiere1-small

Shea's own independent film: "Religion"
June-July 2006

religion 1 (small).jpg religion 2 (small).jpg religion 3 (small).jpg religion 4 (small).jpg religion 5 (small).jpg

CBS: Still Standing

December 2005
Shea as Ethan Johnson, reading his poem Shea by his trailer On set With Renee Olstead who plays Lauren


Feature Film: "Her Best Move"
July/August 2005
Shea with director Norm Hunter At the punch bowl with Devon Graye (left) and Louis Braga (right)
Rehersal and script changes behind the scenes Shea with co-stars Leah Pipes (left) and Lalaine (right) Cameraman and director preparing Shea for a scene


April 2005
Shea "Young Julian Crane" with Rylee Fansler "Young Sheridan Crane" Choosing the scary mask on set Acting the part of a big brother


Nickelodeon Show: "Drake & Josh"
March 2005
Shea, "Teen Guy" with Lucy Hale, "Hazel" Josh Peck, Shea Parker, Lucy Hale, Drake Bell


The Paperboy
November 2004
  Shea with director Harry Hewland Shea with James Rush as "Security Guard"


2nd National Sprint Commercial
September 2004
Shea with Brian Baker  


August 2004
Shea with Leigh Taylor-Young Shea with Director Peter Brinckerhoff  


Bust a Shalom
January 2004


A Cure For Writer's Block
November 2003


National Sprint Commercial
April 2003



July 2004
Shea's Black Belt Testing
November 2003